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Unique experiences

Whether you seek adrenaline, magical snorkeling, golfing or a spa/massage many activities can be practiced from Villa des Sens. Let us help you find what you need.

Kite surfing in Mauritius


  • This sport is hugely popular in Mauritius and more specifically in Le Morne, which offers the perfect conditions for kitesurfing: a crystalline lagoon, steady breeze and a setting of extraordinary natural beauty. The Morne beach has in fact been renamed the “Kite Lagoon” and is only a few minutes away from The Villa des Sens


  • A highly accessible sport, stand-up paddle is practiced standing on a board which you propel forward with a paddle. It’s perfect for a gentle excursion on the water, with family or friends, whether they are paddle novices or pros. The clear and calm waters of the Baie du Cap lagoon are ideal for a peaceful paddle at your own pace while taking in the breath-taking scenery

Paddle Activities
Snorkeling activities


  • Mauritius is surrounded by a halo of coral which protects many of its bays and coves (particularly on the east coast). This creates a series of placid lagoons and shallows where you can snorkel in calm, clear waters where the fish aren’t hard to find. Divers can explore an underwater seascape of caverns and arches created by ancient lava flows.

  • The sleepy east side of Mauritius tends to offer the best snorkeling. One of the most popular areas is around the private island of Île aux Cerfs, but it can get busy. Head further down the coast and you'll find the quieter Blue Bay Marine Park.


  • If you are a cycling buff, the mountains of Chamarel, only a few kilometers away from Villa des Sens, are THE place to be. They offer a unique experience, with multiple challenging climbs and descents. This is an entirely original way to discover the island and its natural splendors while enjoying the great outdoors. As icing on the cake, the mountain’s summits offer spectacular views over the ocean.  

  • From Villa des Sens, you’ll have access to the most beautiful cycling routes in all of Mauritius, with lush tropical landscapes that rival even the most pristine of white sandy beaches in beauty.

Biking activities
Golf course


  • If you are a golfing enthusiast, Mauritius is the destination for you. The island boasts eight 18-hole courses and three nine-holes courses, some world-renowned, as well as ideal playing conditions throughout the year.

  • One of them is located in Villa des Sens’ immediate vicinity. The Bel Ombre Golf Glub, run by the biggest names in the discipline, is at 3.5 kilometers away


  • Enjoy a relaxing massage without leaving the comfort and the privacy of La Villa Des Sens.

  • Melani or Ravi will take care of you for your greater wellness on the swimming pool’s terrace in front of the Sea.

  • Choose from a traditional full body massage to head or foot massage, or a spa treatments including facials, manicure and pedicure.

  • The perfect way to unwind after a beach or hiking day.

Massage and wellness
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