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Tips & Tricks

To make the best out of your holidays here are few tips to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any other information or advice. 

Currenty used in Mauritius


  • Currency used on the island is Mauritian Roupees.

  • Most  of the transactions are done with cash. You will find ATMs at your arrival at the airport as well as 200 m from the Villa (Station A)

  • Only credit card are accepted in most of the stores. Debit cards are not.

Car rental

  • It is highly recommended to have a car to be able to enjoy the Island.

  • We advise to choose small cars as most of the roads are narrow.

  • On demand, we can help you for this service to pick up a car directly at the airport. Just let us know.

  • And do not forget : 

    • 1-in Mauritius we are driving on the left side on the road

    • 2-you have to consider the time to drive instead of the kilometers to reach your destination

car rental service in Mauritius

Electrical sockets

Electrical sockets type in Mauritius

Both are available at the Villa des Sens


  • There are many supermarkets on the island. The 2 closest ones are:

    • Winners: Chemin Grenier (15 minutes drive)​

    • Intermart: La Gaulette ( 20 minutes drive)

    • A new one will be built 300m from the Villa in 2023

  • In the village you will be able to find the basic needs in "Pierre Store" in front of the bus station.

Supermarkets in Mauritius
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